Our Story

Michal and Yachin, are the founders of ToLive. 

They are a brother sister duo who have always shared a passion for fitness and health. 

With over 14 years of experience within the food industry their vast experience has enabled them to source high quality ingredients for ToLive Superfood Blends alongside, people they know and trust.


After 2 years of hard working, ToLive Smoothies became a reality. Countless of recipes were tested, with the guidance of leading naturopath and sport nutritionist, we finally came up with the perfect combination of Superfoods, freeze-dried fruits and veggies, medicinal herbs and spices that truly give you that boost of energy & health whenever you need it.

Tolive is all about living the best life that you can, by providing your body with the nutrients you need to thrive! ToLive happy is tolive healthy!

I’m a Mom of 3 and before I started working on Tolive full time, I was a product designer in the food industry. I’m really passionate about leading an active lifestyle and healthy lifestyle and yet my days are filled with kids activies, work and fitness, leaving very little down time. 


Like so many people out there, I was looking for an easier healthy solution. Many of the foods I was preparing at home, like a smoothie, require shopping, prepping and cleaning, while my  grab and go snacks, just didn’t fuel me in the way I needed them to. 


My brother Yachin and I discussed what the solution was to quick nutrition. We decided to do our own research, and with our experience in the food industry, we found a technology that would allow people to prep superfood smoothies in less than a minute. 


 Science has proven that you can reverse your biological age by eating the right foods.   

Our blends have really changed our lives and we feel that we have a reponsibility to share them with people

Michal's Story

Yachin's Story

Yachin's 16+ years working in the food industry was where he found countless brands disguised as health products. As a passionate cyclist he wanted to find something he could easily grab  pre-sport, but came up empty handed. Eventually he came across ingredients that would change everything and make his life and many others, much more simple- Freeze-dry ingredients. 


He realized that using this technology meant that someone would only need to add water or liquid to freeze-dry fruits and veggies and voila! A delicious drink on the go.


He brought his idea to his sister Michal, knowing she shared his passion for health and fitness and together they started brainstorming.


Michal Metzger

Co-Founder, CEO

Yael Dror

Sports Nutritionist & Dietitian

Yachin Enoch

Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales director

Michal Kirsh

Naturopath & Medicinal Herbalist

Emily French

Social media & Content writing

Ron Enoch

Product Manager

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