What is Freeze-dry 

Freeze-dry has been used for centuries in different forms, yet today it’s mostly  known for its use by Nasa, who use freeze-dry food to fuel their astronauts in space. Freeze-dry essentially freezes nutrients and flavors in time, without any harmful preservatives.

Why are our powders are healthy?  Freeze-dry Technology!

How does it work? 

It’s a process of rapidly freezing fresh produce at an extremely low temperature, the second phase is lowering the pressure and adding heat to sublimate 95% the water from the produce. 

At ToLive we use premium machinery and a unique process to maintain essential nutrients in our produce and provide ultimate convenience to our consumers. 

You must be wondering how it tastes?  


When freeze-dried foods are rehydrated with liquid the original aromas, flavors and textures come back to life.

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